SpaceUp T5 Talk - Raw Data is AWESOME

Last weekend I went to the SpaceUpLondon conference which was fantastic! However, I might have slightly forgotten to register for a 5 minute Ignite slot for the presentation I'd hastily put together the day before. So instead of letting it just sit unpresented on my hard-drive, I thought I'd record it and upload it here! 5 minutes, 20 auto-playing slides, and me talking about raw space data in a hopefully vaguely coherent way. In 1 take. 

SpaceUp :
APOD Jupiter Image :
Did Voyager 1 capture an image of Enceladus' plumes erupting? By Ted Stryk :
Jupiter: Juno Perijove 06 Video :

APOD Jupiter Image - Credit: NASA, JPL; Digital processing: Björn Jónsson
HiRISE Images Copyright - NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/USGS