AreoBrowser : Explore 3D Models of Mars on the Web

AreoBrowser allows you to easily search and explore all available HiRISE DTMs (Digital Terrain Models) in full 3D. Populated with models generated by Areo, you can alter level of detail, view the models in red/blue anaglyph, and even download the models directly for use in other 3D applications. AreoBrowser is the second in a line of one-month long projects. Find out more in the video below :


Speedily Search All Available HiRISE DTM Data

AreoBrowser’s always up-to-date list of officially released Martian models allows you to rapidly find the craters, gullies and dunes of your dreams faster, quicker, and less slowly than ever before!

Explore the Red/Blue Planet with Anaglyph Mode

Thanks to AreoBrowser's integrated 80's technology, you can now live the dream of navigating the surface of Mars whilst looking like an extra from the second Back to the Future movie.


3D-Printable Model Downloads

In a single click you can now download a 3D-printable .obj file for every DTM available on AreoBrowser. And for those who dislike the 3rd dimension, you can save 2D-printable images too.

Switch Quality Level in a Single Click

With AreoBrowser's ability to switch between low quality and high quality models/textures for each DTM, Mars has never looked quite so detailed, or even more quite so detailed ever before!


Full* Mobile Support

“But Matt, can I do all of this directly on my mobile device?” Yes! “Will it work seamlessly in all cases or might mobile experiences slightly vary in ways that I should probably contact you about?” Also Yes!