What does Freelance Problem Solver mean, exactly?


Good question, thanks for asking.

Matt's job, broadly speaking, is to make sure that Company X can get the results they need with the data they have.

Company X is typically a Visual Effects or Design company, and the project usually involves designing, prototyping & developing software to solve a specific problem, or vastly improve an existing workflow, by linking data and applications together in a way in which they weren't entirely designed to be linked.

He uses a combination of Python, Swift, NodeJS, React, WebGL, ThreeJS, various bits of VFX software, and over a decade's worth of experience to make desktop, mobile and web applications, plugins, pipelines, and AR/VR content.

Past clients include Foundry, Nike, swatchbook, and Territory Studio.

I see! But what's with all the space apps?

The challenges faced by the VFX & Design industries can be broadly split into three groups : image processing, 3D content creation & manipulation, and data management. After discovering a wealth of raw space image data online, Matt realised that the exact same problems are found within the space industry.

Using his knowledge of VFX software & related workflows, Matt has been both processing the raw data, and creating desktop, mobile and web applications designed to massively increase the accessibility of the resultant datasets.

His goal is to create tools that can not only form a part of a project's outreach program, but also have real-world scientific benefits for the teams involved.

Datasets processed so far include the HiRISE DTM dataset, and raw imagery from NASAJuno. More details can be found in the app specific pages, in the site menu.